Day T minus 14 (and counting)

Ok so the countdown is continuing. As many of you who may view this blog are probably seasoned travellers  my efforts to organise myself (as I am a relative newer comer to travelling) will be boring.  The purpose of this blog is to jot down thoughts and to record the things that are happening before and during the trip. It is for posterity and everyone can see how it pans out!

So here is today’s thought – at the moment this is like the run up to Christmas and the end of each year – have you noticed how everyone wants to get everything finished/finalised at this time and there is this mad panic? Well obviously this is the same feeling for me at the moment. Everything will continue on regardless of where I am and what I am doing!

I must say though going away for an extended time is a new experience and not something I have done very often over the last 3 decades so this trip does require some planning on my part (but I have Norm to keep me on task and on track – in this instance this is probably proving to be a bit of challenge for him too!)

That is my thought for today – and we are still on track. Stay tuned for more exciting comments/thoughts on this countdown.


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