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Day T minus 13 (and counting)

Today was a late day. Have just arrived home from a late meeting. Still lots of things to tidy up before the trip – more work related at this stage.

Will finalise my packing on the weekend – then hopefully will only require very last minute things to do. Still need to practice with the camera and video to make sure that I can work them properly while away.

OK so where are we going? We are travelling to the US and will be visiting Boston, New York, Washington and LA. We will be away for about 18 days. As part of this trip I am attending a  residential forum at Harvard University. While I am in Boston  Norm will be spending time in New York. After my course I will meet up with Norm in New York.

So the next thing to do is to start planning what we will be doing in Boston (we have 3 days together there before the course starts). So I intend to start  planning where to go and what to see during these 3 days.

The time is beginning to really move along! More comments tomorrow.

Bye for now. Wendy