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Day T minus 10 (and counting)

Today Norm and I caught up with some family for breakfast and did some last minute shopping for the trip. I think I am becoming a little concerned about how to take away. So (for the second time) I packed everything to see if it would fit – and to my surprise it does! Typically I over do things (catering etc) and this trip is no different. I seem to have everything I want in one bag and the other bits and pieces will fit in a backpack. So I think it will be OK.

I haven’t started reading ¬†for the study part of the trip yet – I am going to do that tomorrow. At the moment most things seem to be under control. I just need to get work sorted and I will be happy. I will start getting that sorted tomorrow too! Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day!. I will report in tomorrow. Wendy