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Day T minus 9 (and counting)

We are now into single digits of the countdown. We collected our tickets and went through all of the final details today with our Travel Agent, Kay, who has been great. I have received emails today from the 2 friends we will be visiting while on our travels and they are organising what we will do when we catch up. So this is all great too. A couple of years ago we had a false start on an overseas trip so I have been a bit wary about getting excited but now I am getting excited! 

Planning Boston


There are so many things that people are telling us to visit and see (there just won’t be enough time). So I guess that means if we like it this time around then we will just have to go back! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we haven’t been over the first time (yet). 

Notes from Harvard


Lots of things to finish up at work yet – but am getting there. Off to do some study now. Wendy 

Case Studies to read