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Day T minus 8 (and counting)

It really is counting down fast. I am not sure this blog approach is a good idea – I seem to be constantly looking at the calendar!!!

I am receiving some good advice from friends who have the URL – I haven’t handed it out to too many people just yet as I wanted to see if I could really handle writing things up. The concept is good for making comments and jotting down thoughts so I suppose once we are on the trip there will be many things to write about.

So rather than bore you with my thoughts (currently there aren’t too many) I won’t prattle on too much.

Just for the record I had a light bulb moment today (work related) which I could use as part of my Harvard studies – at some stage I might reveal it – however I do subscribe to the  theory that it is best not to say anything and let people think you are a dill rather than putting it out the public domain and confirming that I actually am a dill!

That is enough for now – I will return tomorrow with some more rivetting insights on this count down! Wendy