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Day T minus 7 (and counting)

So now we are a week away from blast off. It is going sooooo… fast. It is interesting how things take on a new intensity when you count them down. People become more interested in your trip; issues that ordinarily would not be a problem escalate to another level; some people are even nicer to you (they probably look forward to you going away and feel like they will be having a holiday too!!).

Interesting how you also start to think about tidying up things that have been left swinging for a some time such as insurance, legal and financial matters.

I haven’t mentioned this before but we moved house a few weeks ago to enable the renovations on our house to commence. This  just adds another dimension to what is happening for us at the moment (so life is very interesting).

Here are some of the photos of our house.

So everything is happening and gives us a bit to think about. Back tomorrow with more thoughts. Wendy