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Day T minus 4 (and counting)

We have now provided a number of friends and family with the address of this blog so you can track our progress as we visit America. I can see from the statistics that are generated via this system that the number of people who have viewed the site has increased. Today there have been about 23 visits to this site. I have also received a few comments which I have posted onto the site too.

Feel free to post a comment from time to time – we will use the blog to communicate during our time away. We are now really into the final phase of the countdown – it has been a bit of fun playing with the blog and I hope that once we actually set off the notes, photos and video will become the visual diary for the trip – here’s hoping.

We have received some ideas on sites to visit and places to eat – so we will be endeavouring to fit them into our schedule. That’s all for today. More tomorow. Wendy