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Day T minus 3 (and counting)

Happy Mother’s Day to all today – I hope everyone had a nice day. I visited my mother (and stepfather) and caught up with family who were down from Sydney to see the Swans play Geelong. It ended up being a long drive for a poor result (from a  Swans supporter point of view).

Anyway Norm and I are packed and ready to go (just 3 more sleeps). We are both surprised at just how much stuff we have and yet we are still under the weight limit. This is a good start! (I am going to go through my stuff again and reduce – but I am not telling Norm he thinks I have finished completely so why mess up the illusion!).

I just need to tidy up a few things at work on Monday and Tuesday and that will be it for 4 weeks. My pre-reading for Harvard is very interesting and very relevant – so I am hopeful that this part of the adventure will absolutely fantastic.

I am off to redo my packing (for the last time). Wendy.