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Day T minus 1 (and very little counting to go!!!)

Ok so here we areĀ – approx 12 hours until we take off. Exciting. Today the staff gave me an early Birthday morning tea and a travel book and diary for the trip which was lovely. Work was a bit frantic but got there in the end (I think – too late to worry about it now!).

Packing is finished. Check out the photo. Norm’s is exxactly the same. (I think mine is heavier though!).

The Luggage

Then as a last minute thing – I thought I had better take some gifts for people on the course etc. so I have just finished putting these together.

Well I am now going to paint my toe nails and go to bed. Norm is organised and sorted. I will be back online as soon as we get settled. Thank you the encouragement we are both going to have a great time and we will share it with you as we go. Lots of Love. Norm & Wendy