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Day 1 (Wed 12 May)Travelling to LA/Boston

We have arrived in LA. It is 9:20am and we have found a place to get online and check how things work. The flight over was relatively uneventful a bit of turbulence at times but basically OK. Our connecting flight is due to depart at 11:50am so some time to tidy up a bit check out the terminal and get something to eat.

Have taken some photos already (of the plane and the airport) so I can begin boring everyone with these soon. (Isn’t it interesting the things we take photos of?). Norm and I have been discussing time in essence we have already lived through 12 May once and have begun to rewrite our lives for 12 May today – does this mean we are currently living in a parallel universe? That is something to ponder. (My brain is not coping with this concept at the moment – I think lack of sleep is starting to kick in). More later. N&W