Day 1 (Wed 12 May)Travelling to LA/Boston

We have arrived in LA. It is 9:20am and we have found a place to get online and check how things work. The flight over was relatively uneventful a bit of turbulence at times but basically OK. Our connecting flight is due to depart at 11:50am so some time to tidy up a bit check out the terminal and get something to eat.

Have taken some photos already (of the plane and the airport) so I can begin boring everyone with these soon. (Isn’t it interesting the things we take photos of?). Norm and I have been discussing time in essence we have already lived through 12 May once and have begun to rewrite our lives for 12 May today – does this mean we are currently living in a parallel universe? That is something to ponder. (My brain is not coping with this concept at the moment – I think lack of sleep is starting to kick in). More later. N&W


  1. A & A and Co Said:

    Hi Wendy & Norm
    Good to see all is well and you have arrived safely!
    Keep the blog rolling and tease us with some pics from the US of A!
    Anne, Ade, Tilly, Isaac and Abi

    • walewis Said:

      Hi there all
      Had some technical difficulties which I have just sorted out. So will be aiming to put some photos up now.
      Lots of Love to everyone. N&W

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