Day 2 (Thurs 13 May) Boston

Well we have spent our first full day in Boston. It is a lovely part of the world (sort of a cross between Sydney and Melbourne). Interesting how we always need to have a reference point to compare things.

Anyway here are some more pictures – we took a hop on hop off bus ride around the town and went on a harbour cruise. Walked the Freedom Trail and visited Paul Revere’s house and Bunker Hill to name a few things.

Pictures attached:

Photos from the day's adventure

[Note: it is the Old North Church and it is the USS Constitution]

Went to Legal Seafood (recommended by a friend) for dinner tonight – very nice. It is good to see some things are the same the world over. Where we are staying tonight there is the equivalent on a Senior Formal (dance) being held. The girls and the boys are noisy and in some cases drunk; oh and did I say noisy? (some things change and some things stay the same!!!). Signing off for today. Love N&W


  1. Kay Franklin Said:

    Hi Wendy and Norm,

    Happy to see those pictures that you are in the USA and safe and well.

    Will enjoy reading the blog.. have fun.. Kay

    • walewis Said:

      Hey Kay
      You have done well with the accommodation here – it is great. Hope you enjoy the trip with us. N&W

  2. A & A and Co Said:

    Hi Wendy & Pop,
    This is from Tilly: I hope you have a good time in America. It sounds very nice in America. I like you and I love you. We are going to use your footy passes and I hope North Melbourne wins! Love, Mathilda.
    This is from Isaac: Wendy, the photos you have shown look really good. I hope you have a good holiday. I will hug you when I see you. Love, Isaac.
    From all of us: hope you’re having fun and looking forward to seeing more photos and stories.
    Love from us!

    • walewis Said:

      Hi Tilly – thank you for writing to us. We are having a good time here. You need to make sure that you cheer for North so that they win. Keep watching and we will put more photos up.

      Hey there Isaac – it is really is good over here. Hope things are good there too. There is lots of history here which is really interesting.

      G’day everyone (including Abi) – Having a great time – Ade need to keep us up-to-date on the footy (only if it is positive – you know how cranky we can get!)

      More stuff soon. LoL (not Laughing out Loud). N&W

  3. Alecia Said:

    Dear Wendy & Norm

    It is great to see you have arrived and are enjoying your trip so far. Great photos Wendy!!

    We miss you in the office and we are all behaving!


  4. walewis Said:

    Dear Alecia

    Glad you like it and am pleased you are all behaving without me!!! Keep watching am about to attempt video! Love W

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