Day 4 (Saturday 15 May) – Boston

Today we went on a half day bus tour of the “Battle Trail”.

Hmm….. an experience to say the least (for those watching this blog who have experience in the Bus Tour industry there is a greater tale to tell when we get home). It was the first trip for the bus driver (who was not a native of Boston) and a tour guide who was brought out of retirement. We ended up taking wrong turns, the commentary was incorrect (as corrected by the people on the tour who did know the history). It was rather funny but it did mean we ran overtime and people who were doing additional things were not able to connect to their next trip. We were lucky we had kept the afternoon free to go to Harvard (we had a brief visit to Harvard on the tour) and we  travelled back via the subway to have a better look around.

The architecture in Boston is lovely and I have taken heaps of photos of buildings (not sure why or what I am going to do with them but I just love the buildings).

When we revisited Harvard Norm bought me some Harvard gear (hoodies t-shirts etc – I know 50+ year olds shouldn’t wear hoodies – I have been told this by younger members of my staff – but the hoodie will be good to swan around the house in).

Great day – out for dinner tonight – tomorrow Norm and I split up for 6 days. I am staying here to attend my course at Harvard and Norm is off to New York – watch out New York! Bye for now. N&W

Harvard (not labelled) and on the Battle Trail


  1. elizabeth A Said:

    Hi Wendy and Norm – i love the buildings in Boston too. Last time we were at Harvard they had the steps of the library covered with boards so people would not slip in the snow – glad to see you dont need that this time! the weather is obviously typical lovely spring – you really did pick the righ time to visit. The squirrel video took me back to our garden in Connecticut – our oak tree meant lots of squirrels – and an occasional skunk!!

    enjoy being a “student” again and the joys of Cambridge – such a student town.

    enjoyed my trip to Shepparton with Alecia yesterday ( although we did manage to get lost!!)- she is such a fabulous young woman.


    • walewis Said:

      Hi Elizabeth
      Glad it is providing some pleasant memories. Boston is very nice and it is easy to be here. The weather has been excellent – at one stage we thought we were going to be in for a cold snap but currently the days have been sunny and just right (temperature wise) and a little rain overnight as well. Off to Harvard now. Will keep you posted. Love Wendy

  2. Robyn Felman Said:

    HI Wendy,
    I have to agree that the architecture in Boston is very beautiful!!

    As for wearing “hoodies” in your fifties… Speaking as a 50 year old that still wears does … I believe that you are never to old to wear one… ….

    take care

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