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Day 7 (Tuesday 18 May) – Harvard & NY

Norm phoned last night – he is completely in control of New York (would we have expected anything less?). He seemed really excited about the things he has seen so far and is doing lots of walking and orientating himself. He will be completely on top of things by the time I get there on Friday.

I have just received the following from Norm:

Started raining early and only got worse – rained heavily all day.
Lucky all my North Face gear proved to be waterproof.

On way back dropped into Broadway to see if any shows to see next week.
Back at hotel early – about 5.00

Places I visited included Madison Square Garden, bottom of Empire State building, Girl Scouts office, J P Morgan & UBS offices, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Rain got that bad I walked about 20 blocks to the Museum (from the picture) – excellent but big crowd.

Saw parts of NY at their worst – lot of infrastruture problems – roads, buidings etc. People are incredibly polite.

It is really full on at Harvard. Hopefully I will begin to shift through some of the information and organise it in my head. So much to think about!

The women on the course are very inspiring and each with a different story to tell. In many ways we are different but equally there are many similarities. I am off to dinner now and some thought gathering after that. Bye for now. N&W

Special Post – Happy Birthday Daniel

This message is from Pop to Daniel.