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Day 8 (Wednesday 19 May) – Harvard & NY

The course is going well – the time is really flying! about 75% of the class went out to dinner tonight and were a force to be reckoned with. The waitress at the restaurant did a wonderful job. She even allowed the bill to be split in a variety of ways (something not always welcome at our restaurants). Our taxi trip back was informative – the Boston Red Soxs beat the Yankees 3-2 tonight (it was played here in Boston) and the Boston Basketball team the Celtics are into the playoffs (I am getting into the sport here!).

More work required tonight for tomorrow’s classes so need to  hit the books shortly.

I have the following update from Norm (see below) – he is still enjoying New York  and finding out lots about it.

Still surviving. Stopped raining – mainly sunny all day – weekend supposed to be very good.

Still on foot – haven’t used bus, subway, etc. – covered another 100+ blocks today. (blocks are mainly shorter than home)

Where to today?
Downtown – via Broadway ( this street goes the whole length of the island)
Thru SOHO, past City Hall – before SOHO the areas were fairly depressed.
SOHO  = retail, similar to Chapel St / South Yarra.
Lots of schools and apartments
School kids are walking everywhere
Visited St Paul’s chapel at Ground Zero.
Ground Zero is being reconstructed but progress very slow – supposed to finished 2011 – no way.
Then on to Wall Street – the Dow immediately rose when I entered the trading room at the NYSE.
Had another hot dog.
The financial area is very up market.
Saw the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River – then to Battery Park – ferries leave here for Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.
Then to the Smithsonian Institute for American Indians – there are lots of S I in New York & Washington.
On the way back I saw the Flat Iron building
Overall the day was fantastic (one of your words) – saw many different “suburbs” along the way.

Well that is all for today. Back tomorrow. N&W