Day 11 – Update

I thought I should provide an update on Saturday. The Broadway show was fantastic – A Little Night Music starred Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury – it really was great (we were 9 rows from the front of this lovely theatre (very intimate).

Off to do new things today – will report back later. N&W

Some snaps of New York


  1. elizabeth A Said:

    HI Wendy and Norm

    I have just managed to get my head above water after 2 frantic weeks – 100Downunder was excellent. and now catching up on your travels. I am so glad you enjoyed and found Harvard up to expectations.
    But onto the Big Apple. It seems Norm has made the most of his time and now you have a personal tour guide! I am impressed at how much he has managed to fit in already. i have to say I am envious as John has decide not to travel this year. New York is such an energising city – just as well given the distance you are travelling on foot. As a matter of ninterest, in mid town there are a set number of blocks of streets per mile – i think it might be 10 although my ancient memory may have failed me! Just before we left NY a batchelor friend took our children (and me) on the carraige ride through Central park – the children still talk about it!

    Do continue to maximise the experiences.


    • walewis Said:

      Dear Elizabeth
      I am glad that 100 Downunder was great (Jane also said it Brooklyn Bridge and sat a park on the other side and then walked all the way back to the Hotel we are staying at. We found a lovely French restaurant in Soho for dinner and got back at around 9:00pm (we started out at 10:00am this morning). This trip will be a test of my endurance! Anyway I think I need to have a sleep now – thank you for the updates. Love N&W

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