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Day 14 (Tuesday 25 May) New York

Well today was certainly a day and a half! We were up at 6:00am and after an early breakfast started out for the subway! A couple of false starts initially and then we were right. We went to South Wharf and caught the ferry to see the Statue and Ellis Island (so many people – and it was early!) in the end we decided not to tour Ellis Island instead opting for the subway again and a trip to Brooklyn. We came out near the Brooklyn Museum and found a small Greek cafe called Teddy’s where we had something for lunch. Then we walked around the outskirts of the Botanical Gardens and the Prospect Zoo until we came to some strip shopping and some fantastic brownstone residences/apartments (where people in Brooklyn live). The street numbering here is similar to New York proper 1st, 2nd, 3rd Avenue etc. We walked down a part of 7 th Avenue and back up 5th Avenue and then got back on the subway and back to Manhattan Island – we then decided to visit the Rockefeller centre and take a look at the city skyline (the photos taken unfortunately were not as good as I had hoped as I needed to use the video camera as the battery on my camera had run out! and don’t bother asking how this happened – this question has already been raised here – as brilliant as I am sometimes I have a lapse in concentration!!!!!!) anyway it was still great to visit. We then walked back to our Hotel and had half an hour to freshen up before heading back up to Broadway to see Mary Poppins. The show was fantastic (amazing stage settings, props and technical work) and the performers were brilliant.

So all in all a great way to spend my 52nd birthday (and one I am sure to remember!). I am a bit tired now (Norm has nodded off) so goodnight from here (and more things planned for tomorrow!) Love N&W

Scenes from New York and Brooklyn