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Special Notice

Dear All

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in comments. I have been posting your comments on the blog with a comment to you from me. I hope you have been getting them. I have just realised that you have not been getting an email directly (maybe it is the way I set it up initially). If you make a comment on day your comments and mine will be shown on that day. If you make a comment under the button commenting on this blog your comments and mine will be listed here. Hope everyone is well and that you are enjoying our exploits!

 LoL. N&W

Day 15 (Wednesday 26 May) New York

A change of pace today. We took a tour of Harlem this morning  visiting a local church and participating in a local gospel service. The singing was very uplifting. After the service we had a tour of area and given a commentary on the area. Today the population of Harlem is now 30% white and other nationalities and the remaining 70% consists of African and African-Americans. The area is now becoming a sought after location for many people to live as housing is more affordable here.

We then returned to the city and had a further look around visiting Saks and Macy’s and I visited the Girl Scout shop. We are now in the process of packing up as we leave New York early tomorrow morning as we travel to Washington. So on that note we will sign off and our next post will be from Washington. Bye for now. N&W