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Day 17 (Friday 28 May) Washington

So today we have spent the day looking through some of the Smithsonian Museums – Aerospace, the Castle and the Archives (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution). We also walked around and took in the buildings.

I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday. We walked to the White House initially on our afternoon walk. After a while Norm had developed a blistered so we stopped to put a band-aid. Just as we were putting it on security started yelling at us to move and that we had 1 minute to do so. We moved obviously and then we were told to get of the mall – again we did so – a few minutes later the President’s car came through flanked by the Secret Service – that created some excitement for us!

Presidential entourage from Day 16

We are now getting ready to have dinner with a friend who has moved over here – so that should be a very pleasant evening. (Now we are back on track with the blog too!!) Signing off for today. N&W

Day 16 (Thursday 27 May) Washington Part 2

Right so where did we leave off? Ok so we were up at 5:30am finalised packing and off to Penn Station to catch the 8:00am train to Washington. The train took around 3 hours and was very relaxing.

I digress for a moment – I haven’t said much about the weather – Wednesday in NY was very hot 92 degrees (3 degrees off all time record set in late 1800’s) when we left a cool change had come in. When we hit Washington was it hot – I know I am getting older and being hot is just one of consequences of the ageing process !!! but let me tell you it was warm here and the locals were feeling it too.

Anyway we arrived at Union Station – fantastic building and had lunch here – at the same time we got some tour brochures and decided to do the night tour of Washington starting at 7:00pm.

We then checked into the Hotel (very nice) unpacked and decided to walk around. That is when we noticed the heat and humidity – but we persisted. We walked around and ended up at Union Station where we took our evening tour of Washington which was great.

There are so many school students around at this time of year – doing end of school year trips.

So home really late (just as a thunderstorm was starting). That is all for now. N&W.