Day 17 (Friday 28 May) Washington

So today we have spent the day looking through some of the Smithsonian Museums – Aerospace, the Castle and the Archives (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution). We also walked around and took in the buildings.

I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday. We walked to the White House initially on our afternoon walk. After a while Norm had developed a blistered so we stopped to put a band-aid. Just as we were putting it on security started yelling at us to move and that we had 1 minute to do so. We moved obviously and then we were told to get of the mall – again we did so – a few minutes later the President’s car came through flanked by the Secret Service – that created some excitement for us!

Presidential entourage from Day 16

We are now getting ready to have dinner with a friend who has moved over here – so that should be a very pleasant evening. (Now we are back on track with the blog too!!) Signing off for today. N&W

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