Day 19 (Sunday 30 May) Washington

The big news over here is oil spill and BP’s inability to plug the flow. On the  news this morning is the fact that the latest attempt has failed and the next step is unknown.

Today we visited the Washington National Cathedral – caught the subway (we are really getting the hang of this!). It took 83 years to complete the cathedral and it is the second largest cathedral in the country.

We then caught the train back to the Capitol Building (couldn’t get too close as they had set up a stage in front of it to hold the Memorial Day concert which was being held tonight.

We then visited the Museum of Natural History and visited some of the relatives! Also saw the Hope Diamond.

Again – it was soooo hot – and tomorrow is going to be hotter!!!! Then out to dinner with Ceri and Allen again – we had a lovely time; it was sad to say goodbye but we promised keep in touch.

One more day in Washington and another action packed day planned. See you later. N&W


  1. elizabeth A Said:

    the heat and humidity is the worse thing about the North east and it is not even June! of course Washington was built on a swamp so that doesnt help! if you get a chance go to the Vietnam Wall and statue of celebration of women in war. Our friend contributed a hauge amount of work to make it happen – she set up the first field hospital in Vietnam.

    My Boer war morning was actually quite interesting – inspired me to further investigate my relative PG (post Guiding)! AGM and Dinner both successful. great speaker.

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Elizabeth
      Saw the Vietnam Wall and the statue of celebration of women in war. Really interesting. The heat and humidity are continuing – hopefully a chnage soon. Not that it really matters as we leave for LA in the morning. We are on the down hill slide now. It has been great and we are expecting a mixed reaction to LA – people here seem to have widely varying views of it. So we will wait and see. Cheers Wendy

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