Day 20 (Monday 31 May) Washington

Last day in Washington. It was really hot today! We opted for a bus tour and went to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home – what a lovely location), the town of Old Alexandria and visited Arlington cemetery (again). As today was a public holiday for Memorial Day there were a lot of people at Arlington. This time we saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The precision was impressive especially considering how hot it was.

We went back to Abraham Lincoln’s memorial and a few others as well. All in all a good day. We are now in the process of packing as we leave for LA in the morning – another packing exercise which should again prove an interesting challenge!!! More tomorrow from LA. N&W


  1. Ceri Said:

    Wendy and Norm, I can’t believe you went to Arlington Cemetery AGAIN today. I did wonder what you would do on the 9 hour trip. Anyway I hope it was fun. AND hope even more that you varied your pattern and stayed within your cover 😉

    It was SO good to see you both. Thank you for everything. Particularly thank Norm for his probing questioning of Allen. I liked it a lot.

    Safe travelling on the next leg, and do let’s stay in touch.

    Big hugs, Ceri

    • walewis Said:

      I must say it was hot!!!! Nevertheless it was good day and we took lots more photos – haven’t put any up today (a bit tired actually) so an early night tonight in preparation for the next eg of the journey. I will send you an email to follow up from dinner last night shortly – staty tuned. N&W

  2. Polly Said:

    Hi Wendy & Norm
    I can’t believe how much walking you guys do. You are amazing! And also at relaying your travels, you certainly are fitting in so much in such a short time. You WILL need a holiday when you get back. Take a back seat and let Norm’s fingers to the talking on the next journey……..
    Not sure if you got my message on 25th, but if you didn’t, Happy Birthday ol girl. You certainly won’t forget that day in a hurry. I am looking forward to hearing about LA, heaps to see and do there.
    take care

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Polly

      Yes got your Birthday message posted my reply on the day you sent it. The walking – well I am surprising myself thought I would fade away but don’t seem to have lost any weight! Having a great time. Have heard mixed reviews of LA from thre locals some reaaly like it others really hate it so am interested to see for myself. LoL Wendy

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