Day 21 (Tuesday 1 June) Los Angeles

So now we are in LA. Arrived around midday (lost 3 hours coming across the country – so we are now only 11 hours behind Melbourne). While on the plane I jotted down a few things that came to mind that I have not included in the blog. 

Some reflections on the trip so far. 

Yesterday we got up at 5:30am in preparation to go on our day tour – we planned to get the subway to Union Station where the tour was leaving from. We left the hotel at around 6:20 and went to the subway which was closed – so then we decided to walk to the station this took about 35 minutes. Our walk took us through Chinatown and as we walked along there was a television van parked in the street and I recognised the reporter in the van as the person who had earlier been on the TV reporting on some shootings on the news that morning (this was very comforting – I don’t think) so we walked a little faster to get to the Station. 

Have I mentioned our taxi drivers?  We have had 3 drivers from Pakistan and 1 from India who immediately pick us as either English or Australian (usually English), their nationality is determined and the first thing that is mentioned in cricket and the conversation takes off from there! 

The currency here is annoying – 1 cent coins!!! It is amazing how quickly you forget about them once they are abolished (and then how quickly they become an irritation when you are re-introduced to them). 

You can probably imagine Norm is certainly full of questions and “normisms”  (and some politically incorrect) – he will have plenty of things to recount when we get home. 

Have I mentioned that I have worn through 2 pairs of socks? One thing you can be assured I am not going to darn them! 

The following photos are recollections from yesterday. 

Our visit to Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and the Lincoln and Washington Memorials


We are staying in Santa Monica (about 20 kms from LA) and are about 4 streets from the Pacific Ocean. The temperature is a lot cooler here than we have had in the past few days (we needed a jacket – lightweight) but the report is that it will be 100 degrees on Saturday (thank goodness we will be leaving Friday night – I am ready for cooler temperatures now). 

We have had a walk around the streets and have been out to the Santa Monica Pier. We have planned to visit Universal Studios and have a tour around LA while we are here so that should keep us on our toes! Here are some photos from around here. Enjoy. N&W 

Scenes from around Santa Monica


  1. elizabeth A Said:

    you both look hot! no problems with temperature at home – it was 3.5 as i left for 100 Downunder and now at 11.30 am our home thermometer says 9.5.
    I have really enjoyed your blog


    • walewis Said:

      Dear Elizabeth
      The weather update sounds good – actually the weather in LA is very pleasant so will make the most of it while we are here. Not many days to go now – the time has gone really quickly. Will see you soon. Wendy

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