Day 23 (Thursday 3 June) Los Angeles

Well we made this far but today Norm finally put his foot in it. We took a tour of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and surrounding areas and he managed to upset the tour guide. In fact the guide was very keen to give Norm extra time to visit different areas so that he could leave before we were back!

Seriously though the tour guide has great – asked lots of questions and wanted participation by the customers. It was very entertaining. Check out the photos below.

Photos from today's exploits

I forgot to share something from yesterday – this is for the staff at GGV (including Sheila – someone may need to show this to her – has she seen the blog?)  Anyway I have found something to install in the office to keep us cool.

This is a fine mist spray machine - what do you think?

 As I write this post the LA Lakers are playing the Boston Celtics (1st game in the NBA (Basketball) finals and the LA Lakers are winning 89 to 74 in the last quarter with 7 minutes to go).

One other thing to all of you following this blog – I have made a faux pas on this blog – I wonder how many of you noticed (but were too nice to comment)? When we arrived here on Tuesday I said we were 11 hours behind Melbourne – in actual fact we are 17 hours behind you – I am glad to see you are all on your toes!!

Anyway time to sign off – last day here tomorrow (nothing planned – but that will probably change!) Home is fast approaching – will post something tomorrow. N&W


  1. Fiona Ellis Said:

    Well it’s Friday evening here and it’s been foggy and grey all day. Twelve degrees today so prepare yourselves! I can’t help thinking of you two and that Mama’s and Papa’s song … “California Dreaming, now that winter’s here ..”. Sounds like you’re both having an absolute ball. Safe trip home. Love A & F

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Adrian & Fiona
      Sounds cold – so we are preparinf to wear warm clothes home. Thank you for your comments it has been great to have you both along for the trip. See you soon. N&W

  2. Brenda Said:

    The cool fan thing looks great – Sheila has mentioned that she has been reading your blog – not sure who is helping her. Certainly dont need it at Brit Park at present as it is 3 degress – look for some heating devices.
    Best wishes

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Brenda
      Sounds really cold up there – hope you and Bryan find some good heating (not something required here!).
      Thank you for the comment will talk to you next week. Wendy

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