Post Script

Just to let you know we arrived home safely on Sunday morning (after a delayed start of about an hour). We were pleasantly surprised to be met by some family who drove us home. Spent the afternoon shopping and then had a  reasonably early night.

We spent Monday catching up on a few things – unpacking, washing, checking up on the house renovations and preparing to get back into our normal routine.

How quickly we move on! Once again we hope you enjoyed coming along on holiday – it was great to have you with us. Catch you soon. Norm and Wendy


  1. Ellen Boyd Said:

    Welcome Home!!

    I didn’t get it right to log into your blog each day as I thought it was to be an e-mail and I wondered why I wasn’t getting them. Jane finally put me in the picture so sorry I didn’t make any comments thoughout your journey. I have just spent a lovely afternoon going on the full trip with you. What a lovely time you have had. You certainly covered a lot of ground and did’nt waste any time. I am looking forward to you filling me in with all the extra bits and Harvard sounded fasinating. It looks like more holidays are coming up, where to next. What aout a dinner date with you and Norm. I would love to hear his version of the trip. I could bring Doug along in case we wanted to do some girl talk. Are you back at work? Don’t rush back into it too some. Ring me when you have time.
    Love Ellen

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Ellen

      I am so glad you were able to look through the blog. The trip was great and so was Harvard. Will give you a call and arrange a time to meet to tell you more about it.

      LoL Wendy

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