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Day T minus 1 (and very little counting to go!!!)

Ok so here we are – approx 12 hours until we take off. Exciting. Today the staff gave me an early Birthday morning tea and a travel book and diary for the trip which was lovely. Work was a bit frantic but got there in the end (I think – too late to worry about it now!).

Packing is finished. Check out the photo. Norm’s is exxactly the same. (I think mine is heavier though!).

The Luggage

Then as a last minute thing – I thought I had better take some gifts for people on the course etc. so I have just finished putting these together.

Well I am now going to paint my toe nails and go to bed. Norm is organised and sorted. I will be back online as soon as we get settled. Thank you the encouragement we are both going to have a great time and we will share it with you as we go. Lots of Love. Norm & Wendy

Day T minus 2 (and counting)

Since starting this blog it has seems to have taken a long time to get here. Trying to think of something intelligent to say each day (clearly I have been struggling) without putting too much in the public domain (you never know who is watching) is not easy.

Anyway not long to go now (and I have realised there are still things to do at work – now there is a surprise!) I will never finish them all so why worry – I am sure they will sort themselves out.

I bought some compression stockings today (my mother reminded about this) 15 hours to LA; a 3 hour stopover and then onto Boston – I think I am going to need them.

No more packing now just a few bits and pieces and that is it. Only one more post and then off we go. Ok enough for now. I will write tomorrow. Wendy.

Day T minus 3 (and counting)

Happy Mother’s Day to all today – I hope everyone had a nice day. I visited my mother (and stepfather) and caught up with family who were down from Sydney to see the Swans play Geelong. It ended up being a long drive for a poor result (from a  Swans supporter point of view).

Anyway Norm and I are packed and ready to go (just 3 more sleeps). We are both surprised at just how much stuff we have and yet we are still under the weight limit. This is a good start! (I am going to go through my stuff again and reduce – but I am not telling Norm he thinks I have finished completely so why mess up the illusion!).

I just need to tidy up a few things at work on Monday and Tuesday and that will be it for 4 weeks. My pre-reading for Harvard is very interesting and very relevant – so I am hopeful that this part of the adventure will absolutely fantastic.

I am off to redo my packing (for the last time). Wendy.

Day T minus 4 (and counting)

We have now provided a number of friends and family with the address of this blog so you can track our progress as we visit America. I can see from the statistics that are generated via this system that the number of people who have viewed the site has increased. Today there have been about 23 visits to this site. I have also received a few comments which I have posted onto the site too.

Feel free to post a comment from time to time – we will use the blog to communicate during our time away. We are now really into the final phase of the countdown – it has been a bit of fun playing with the blog and I hope that once we actually set off the notes, photos and video will become the visual diary for the trip – here’s hoping.

We have received some ideas on sites to visit and places to eat – so we will be endeavouring to fit them into our schedule. That’s all for today. More tomorow. Wendy

Day T minus 5 (and counting)

Now there are only 5 more sleeps! By now a number of people have been sent the address for this blog. I have been quite happy blogging away with very few people watching but Norm thought I should give you the address now so you can get into the swing of checking out the blog. So this is it! Don’t expect anything too riveting at this stage – I have never been much of a diary person.

I expect it will get a little more interesting once we get going (there is only so much stuff you can write about packing a suitcase!).

I am going to send the blog address to a few more people and then turn off for the day. The weekend beckons and the final check will begin. Talk tomorrow. Wendy

Day T minus 6 (and counting)

I have had my hair cut in preparation for the trip. I have just contemplated the stuff that needs to be packed into our bags – it seems to be growing!

Check out the video to get a first hand look at what I am talking about.

It seems to take some time to upload video so that will be all for tonight’s message. Bye for now. Wendy

Day T minus 7 (and counting)

So now we are a week away from blast off. It is going sooooo… fast. It is interesting how things take on a new intensity when you count them down. People become more interested in your trip; issues that ordinarily would not be a problem escalate to another level; some people are even nicer to you (they probably look forward to you going away and feel like they will be having a holiday too!!).

Interesting how you also start to think about tidying up things that have been left swinging for a some time such as insurance, legal and financial matters.

I haven’t mentioned this before but we moved house a few weeks ago to enable the renovations on our house to commence. This  just adds another dimension to what is happening for us at the moment (so life is very interesting).

Here are some of the photos of our house.

So everything is happening and gives us a bit to think about. Back tomorrow with more thoughts. Wendy

Day T minus 8 (and counting)

It really is counting down fast. I am not sure this blog approach is a good idea – I seem to be constantly looking at the calendar!!!

I am receiving some good advice from friends who have the URL – I haven’t handed it out to too many people just yet as I wanted to see if I could really handle writing things up. The concept is good for making comments and jotting down thoughts so I suppose once we are on the trip there will be many things to write about.

So rather than bore you with my thoughts (currently there aren’t too many) I won’t prattle on too much.

Just for the record I had a light bulb moment today (work related) which I could use as part of my Harvard studies – at some stage I might reveal it – however I do subscribe to the  theory that it is best not to say anything and let people think you are a dill rather than putting it out the public domain and confirming that I actually am a dill!

That is enough for now – I will return tomorrow with some more rivetting insights on this count down! Wendy

Day T minus 9 (and counting)

We are now into single digits of the countdown. We collected our tickets and went through all of the final details today with our Travel Agent, Kay, who has been great. I have received emails today from the 2 friends we will be visiting while on our travels and they are organising what we will do when we catch up. So this is all great too. A couple of years ago we had a false start on an overseas trip so I have been a bit wary about getting excited but now I am getting excited! 

Planning Boston


There are so many things that people are telling us to visit and see (there just won’t be enough time). So I guess that means if we like it this time around then we will just have to go back! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we haven’t been over the first time (yet). 

Notes from Harvard


Lots of things to finish up at work yet – but am getting there. Off to do some study now. Wendy 

Case Studies to read

Day T minus 10 (and counting)

Today Norm and I caught up with some family for breakfast and did some last minute shopping for the trip. I think I am becoming a little concerned about how to take away. So (for the second time) I packed everything to see if it would fit – and to my surprise it does! Typically I over do things (catering etc) and this trip is no different. I seem to have everything I want in one bag and the other bits and pieces will fit in a backpack. So I think it will be OK.

I haven’t started reading  for the study part of the trip yet – I am going to do that tomorrow. At the moment most things seem to be under control. I just need to get work sorted and I will be happy. I will start getting that sorted tomorrow too! Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day!. I will report in tomorrow. Wendy

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