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Day T minus 11 (and counting)

Well today I received all of the reading and assignment work for the course I will be undertaking in the US in 2 weeks time. There is some reading and thinking to be undertaken between now and when the course starts on Sunday 16 May. This will certainly keep me on my toes and give me something else to focus on in the run up to leaving on this trip.

After a win by my football team tonight – I am now going to commence preparing for my course. Chat soon. Wendy

Day T minus 12 (and counting)

Well now there is only one more full working week to count off. There are still a few things to do in preparation and the realisation that the trip is getting closer is actually starting to sink in. As the title says 12 days (less than 2 weeks!).

The anticipation is building – many of the people who I have spoken to about the trip have said that New York is fantastic and it is the place they would love to go back and visit. You always hope that the reality actually lives up to the expectation!

Not much further to comment on today. So I will sign off. Wendy

Day T minus 13 (and counting)

Today was a late day. Have just arrived home from a late meeting. Still lots of things to tidy up before the trip – more work related at this stage.

Will finalise my packing on the weekend – then hopefully will only require very last minute things to do. Still need to practice with the camera and video to make sure that I can work them properly while away.

OK so where are we going? We are travelling to the US and will be visiting Boston, New York, Washington and LA. We will be away for about 18 days. As part of this trip I am attending a  residential forum at Harvard University. While I am in Boston  Norm will be spending time in New York. After my course I will meet up with Norm in New York.

So the next thing to do is to start planning what we will be doing in Boston (we have 3 days together there before the course starts). So I intend to start  planning where to go and what to see during these 3 days.

The time is beginning to really move along! More comments tomorrow.

Bye for now. Wendy

Day T minus 14 (and counting)

Ok so the countdown is continuing. As many of you who may view this blog are probably seasoned travellers  my efforts to organise myself (as I am a relative newer comer to travelling) will be boring.  The purpose of this blog is to jot down thoughts and to record the things that are happening before and during the trip. It is for posterity and everyone can see how it pans out!

So here is today’s thought – at the moment this is like the run up to Christmas and the end of each year – have you noticed how everyone wants to get everything finished/finalised at this time and there is this mad panic? Well obviously this is the same feeling for me at the moment. Everything will continue on regardless of where I am and what I am doing!

I must say though going away for an extended time is a new experience and not something I have done very often over the last 3 decades so this trip does require some planning on my part (but I have Norm to keep me on task and on track – in this instance this is probably proving to be a bit of challenge for him too!)

That is my thought for today – and we are still on track. Stay tuned for more exciting comments/thoughts on this countdown.


Day T minus 15 (and counting)

This is my first post on this site beginning on Tuesday 27 April and consists of some experimental video and photos to test out how the whole process works. So don’t be too critical just yet.



Norm and I are getting prepared for the upcoming trip to the US and the count down is on! 

I have been learning as much as I can about blogging and about uploading photos and videos – the plan is to try and  maintain an interesting record of our trip to share with everyone (just another form of the old slide show)  in real time! and you can view it if you want to but equally you can ignore it.  

Sample photos


FYI – These photos were taken in Noosa a few years ago – they are here as part of learning how to put photos and videos on this blog. 

So if you are interested keep watching this space!! 


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