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Special Notice

Dear All

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in comments. I have been posting your comments on the blog with a comment to you from me. I hope you have been getting them. I have just realised that you have not been getting an email directly (maybe it is the way I set it up initially). If you make a comment on day your comments and mine will be shown on that day. If you make a comment under the button commenting on this blog your comments and mine will be listed here. Hope everyone is well and that you are enjoying our exploits!

 LoL. N&W

Special Post – Happy Birthday Daniel

This message is from Pop to Daniel.


Hi everyone following this blog.

Just for information – I am writing comments to your comments and they appear on the same day as you wrote the comment and where you wrote your comment.

You can either write a comment on the day I post what I have to say OR you can write a comment under the button “Commenting on this Blog” on the left hand side (in the side bar). So my responses will be wherever you have made your comment. I hope you are getting them.

Love Wendy

PS: I updated yesterday’s blog with another video grab!