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Day 20 (Monday 31 May) Washington

Last day in Washington. It was really hot today! We opted for a bus tour and went to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home – what a lovely location), the town of Old Alexandria and visited Arlington cemetery (again). As today was a public holiday for Memorial Day there were a lot of people at Arlington. This time we saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The precision was impressive especially considering how hot it was.

We went back to Abraham Lincoln’s memorial and a few others as well. All in all a good day. We are now in the process of packing as we leave for LA in the morning – another packing exercise which should again prove an interesting challenge!!! More tomorrow from LA. N&W

Day 19 (Sunday 30 May) Washington

The big news over here is oil spill and BP’s inability to plug the flow. On the  news this morning is the fact that the latest attempt has failed and the next step is unknown.

Today we visited the Washington National Cathedral – caught the subway (we are really getting the hang of this!). It took 83 years to complete the cathedral and it is the second largest cathedral in the country.

We then caught the train back to the Capitol Building (couldn’t get too close as they had set up a stage in front of it to hold the Memorial Day concert which was being held tonight.

We then visited the Museum of Natural History and visited some of the relatives! Also saw the Hope Diamond.

Again – it was soooo hot – and tomorrow is going to be hotter!!!! Then out to dinner with Ceri and Allen again – we had a lovely time; it was sad to say goodbye but we promised keep in touch.

One more day in Washington and another action packed day planned. See you later. N&W

Day 18 (Saturday 29 May) Washington

Last night we had dinner with friends (Ceri and Allen) at a lovely restaurant called the Tabard Inn (very English). It was a lovely evening chatting and relaxing.

Ceri volunteered to be our Guide for today so we met up mid-morning and set off for the subway (we are getting good at this subway thing) with the first stop being Arlington Cemetery. Monday is a public holiday for Memorial Day (like our ANZAC Day) so many of the locals have gone away and a lot of tourists have moved in. One group that have moved in are former Vietnam Veterans (on their Harley Davidson motorcycles). In previous years around 16,000 motorcyclists have arrived to take part in a parade on the Sunday as a form of respect and acknowledgement for those who fought in the Vietnam war. They are expecting a similar turnout tomorrow (Sunday here). There were a large number of people at the cemetery and we saw John F Kennedy’s grave site. In addition we went through the house used by General Robert E Lee which overlooks Arlington.

We then went back to the subway and went out to Georgetown. Had lunch in a lovely little French restaurant and then wandered down to Washington Harbour on the Potomac River and viewed the Kennedy Centre and the Watergate building.

From there we went back into Georgetown and onto Georgetown University. The buildings in Georgetown are lovely and the University was impressive and expansive.

Another wonderful day. More walking and exploring planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned. N&W

Scenes from Arlington Cemetery, Washington Harbour and the Potomac River, Georgetown and Georgetown University

Day 16 (Thursday 27 May) Washington Part 2

Right so where did we leave off? Ok so we were up at 5:30am finalised packing and off to Penn Station to catch the 8:00am train to Washington. The train took around 3 hours and was very relaxing.

I digress for a moment – I haven’t said much about the weather – Wednesday in NY was very hot 92 degrees (3 degrees off all time record set in late 1800’s) when we left a cool change had come in. When we hit Washington was it hot – I know I am getting older and being hot is just one of consequences of the ageing process !!! but let me tell you it was warm here and the locals were feeling it too.

Anyway we arrived at Union Station – fantastic building and had lunch here – at the same time we got some tour brochures and decided to do the night tour of Washington starting at 7:00pm.

We then checked into the Hotel (very nice) unpacked and decided to walk around. That is when we noticed the heat and humidity – but we persisted. We walked around and ended up at Union Station where we took our evening tour of Washington which was great.

There are so many school students around at this time of year – doing end of school year trips.

So home really late (just as a thunderstorm was starting). That is all for now. N&W.

Day 16 (Thursday 27 May) Washington

Well for those of you following this blog you are going to have to wait for a detailed update on today’s adventures. After starting out at 5:30am this morning we have only just returned to the Hotel after a quick check in around lunchtime. It is now 11:00pm and I just need to get some sleep so the blog will be updated in the morning. Catch you later. N&W