Day 9 (Thursday 20 May) Harvard & NY

Well we had farewell dinner and have just come back to my room to attempt some miraculous packing feat! I don’t know everything is completely out of control.

 The course has been excellent from a number of different perspectives and I have enjoyed the time out to think about a whole range of issues (it is a bit – like a retreat but not necessarily the silent type – you actually cannot keep around 40 women quiet for any real length of time!!!!! and anyway why would you?).

Norm has really become a part of the NY culture and is looking forward to showing me around “his” city.

Was planning a less strenuous day today but still covered 60+ blocks.
Went to Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Rockerfeller Centre, checked out Empire State for next week, etc.
Had an extended stay in Central Park and watched the world go by.

That’s all from both of us tonight – I need to some reading and wrestle with my suitcase and then tomorrow is my last day here. Bye for now. N&W

Day 8 (Wednesday 19 May) – Harvard & NY

The course is going well – the time is really flying! about 75% of the class went out to dinner tonight and were a force to be reckoned with. The waitress at the restaurant did a wonderful job. She even allowed the bill to be split in a variety of ways (something not always welcome at our restaurants). Our taxi trip back was informative – the Boston Red Soxs beat the Yankees 3-2 tonight (it was played here in Boston) and the Boston Basketball team the Celtics are into the playoffs (I am getting into the sport here!).

More work required tonight for tomorrow’s classes so need to  hit the books shortly.

I have the following update from Norm (see below) – he is still enjoying New York  and finding out lots about it.

Still surviving. Stopped raining – mainly sunny all day – weekend supposed to be very good.

Still on foot – haven’t used bus, subway, etc. – covered another 100+ blocks today. (blocks are mainly shorter than home)

Where to today?
Downtown – via Broadway ( this street goes the whole length of the island)
Thru SOHO, past City Hall – before SOHO the areas were fairly depressed.
SOHO  = retail, similar to Chapel St / South Yarra.
Lots of schools and apartments
School kids are walking everywhere
Visited St Paul’s chapel at Ground Zero.
Ground Zero is being reconstructed but progress very slow – supposed to finished 2011 – no way.
Then on to Wall Street – the Dow immediately rose when I entered the trading room at the NYSE.
Had another hot dog.
The financial area is very up market.
Saw the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River – then to Battery Park – ferries leave here for Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.
Then to the Smithsonian Institute for American Indians – there are lots of S I in New York & Washington.
On the way back I saw the Flat Iron building
Overall the day was fantastic (one of your words) – saw many different “suburbs” along the way.

Well that is all for today. Back tomorrow. N&W

Day 7 (Tuesday 18 May) – Harvard & NY

Norm phoned last night – he is completely in control of New York (would we have expected anything less?). He seemed really excited about the things he has seen so far and is doing lots of walking and orientating himself. He will be completely on top of things by the time I get there on Friday.

I have just received the following from Norm:

Started raining early and only got worse – rained heavily all day.
Lucky all my North Face gear proved to be waterproof.

On way back dropped into Broadway to see if any shows to see next week.
Back at hotel early – about 5.00

Places I visited included Madison Square Garden, bottom of Empire State building, Girl Scouts office, J P Morgan & UBS offices, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Rain got that bad I walked about 20 blocks to the Museum (from the picture) – excellent but big crowd.

Saw parts of NY at their worst – lot of infrastruture problems – roads, buidings etc. People are incredibly polite.

It is really full on at Harvard. Hopefully I will begin to shift through some of the information and organise it in my head. So much to think about!

The women on the course are very inspiring and each with a different story to tell. In many ways we are different but equally there are many similarities. I am off to dinner now and some thought gathering after that. Bye for now. N&W

Special Post – Happy Birthday Daniel

This message is from Pop to Daniel.

Day 6 (Monday 17 May) – Harvard

First full day at Harvard – it is great very challenging but great. The diversity of the group certainly makes for interesting discussion and debate. The course is developed around using case studies. We prepare between 3 and 4 case each day and put ourselves in the shoes of the people depicted in the cases and we are challenged to take a stand on how the case should be handled and then justify our reasoning. This in turn is then translated into how we incorporate this learning into the way we operate.

Each morning we meet with our Board of Advisers made up of 4 of us plus a Harvard facilitator (the person facilitating our group is a trained coach and is very good). We meet for 2 hours from 7:30am – 9:30am and we each provide ideas and support to each other to resolve a personal challenge that we have each identified. At the end of the course we develop an action plan on how to move forward – I love this stuff; sometimes it is good to challenge your values and to see yourself through the eyes of other people.

I have heard from Norm – here is his update on his first day in New York:

Had a very full and excellent day.
Decided to see all on foot – walked 120 blocks or more.

As you all know Norm is a man of few words!!!!!!!

Expecting a phone call soon with a fuller update. More insights tomorrow. Love to all. N&W

Day 5 (Sunday 16 May) Boston/Harvard/NY

Well today Norm and I go our separate ways. We organised ourselves – had a final walk around where we were staying and treked down to South Station to put Norm on the 11:10am Amtrak train to NY. I waved goodbye and then had some time to walk around town and get a few more things before heading off to Harvard. During my wanderings before going to Harvard I went up to the skydeck of the Prudential Building (50 floor) to get in the panoramic view of Boston – well worthwhile. 

I have now arrived at Harvard and am obviously online the view from my room is lovely and the room is very nice. I have just been looking over the documents provided and there are 43 women registered for this course. These women are representing 10 countries.  I am off to get ready for the first session. Will update later. 

The first session was great – the experience will be extremely rewarding! I am off to do some study now. More later. Wendy. 

PS: Have heard from Norm – he has arrived safely will update on his adventures when I hear. 

Norm off to New York!

Day 4 (Saturday 15 May) – Boston

Today we went on a half day bus tour of the “Battle Trail”.

Hmm….. an experience to say the least (for those watching this blog who have experience in the Bus Tour industry there is a greater tale to tell when we get home). It was the first trip for the bus driver (who was not a native of Boston) and a tour guide who was brought out of retirement. We ended up taking wrong turns, the commentary was incorrect (as corrected by the people on the tour who did know the history). It was rather funny but it did mean we ran overtime and people who were doing additional things were not able to connect to their next trip. We were lucky we had kept the afternoon free to go to Harvard (we had a brief visit to Harvard on the tour) and we  travelled back via the subway to have a better look around.

The architecture in Boston is lovely and I have taken heaps of photos of buildings (not sure why or what I am going to do with them but I just love the buildings).

When we revisited Harvard Norm bought me some Harvard gear (hoodies t-shirts etc – I know 50+ year olds shouldn’t wear hoodies – I have been told this by younger members of my staff – but the hoodie will be good to swan around the house in).

Great day – out for dinner tonight – tomorrow Norm and I split up for 6 days. I am staying here to attend my course at Harvard and Norm is off to New York – watch out New York! Bye for now. N&W

Harvard (not labelled) and on the Battle Trail


Hi everyone following this blog.

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PS: I updated yesterday’s blog with another video grab!

Day 3 (Friday 14 May) Boston

Ok – how about some video? Here is something around Boston Common that we shot today. Took lots of photos today – will show you later. Love N&W


Day 2 (Thurs 13 May) Boston

Well we have spent our first full day in Boston. It is a lovely part of the world (sort of a cross between Sydney and Melbourne). Interesting how we always need to have a reference point to compare things.

Anyway here are some more pictures – we took a hop on hop off bus ride around the town and went on a harbour cruise. Walked the Freedom Trail and visited Paul Revere’s house and Bunker Hill to name a few things.

Pictures attached:

Photos from the day's adventure

[Note: it is the Old North Church and it is the USS Constitution]

Went to Legal Seafood (recommended by a friend) for dinner tonight – very nice. It is good to see some things are the same the world over. Where we are staying tonight there is the equivalent on a Senior Formal (dance) being held. The girls and the boys are noisy and in some cases drunk; oh and did I say noisy? (some things change and some things stay the same!!!). Signing off for today. Love N&W

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