Day 12 (Sunday 23 May) New York

Well another day of walking – I think my knees are feeling it most! We started out at around 10:00am and arrived back at our Hotel at 9:00pm. We walked to the Financial District which is Downtown – saw all of the sights including the Flatiron Building, City Hall, Ground Zero, Trinity Church (where we heard a local youth choir sing some lovely songs) and Wall Street; we walked through Soho and Greenwich Village and visited Bloomingdale. We also walked the Brooklyn Bridge. We had dinner at a lovely little French restaurant in Soho on our way back to the Hotel. 

Norm has obviously picked up all of the local habits of walking against the lights (something I must say that I am struggling with!) but he persists and I follow – as he keeps telling me if we waited at all of the lights it would add an extra hour to our walk if we were to cover the same distance! Norm also wants me to put up more photos and video!!!!! – as I have explained to him it actually takes a bit of time to out put this together so you are only getting a smattering of what we are collecting. Hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea of what we are up to. That’s enough for today.

One last thing – I wasn’t overly descriptive yesterday about what we saw – we did see Grand Central Stationand Norm wanted me to put up a piece of video he took while we were there. I don’t think it is going to win any prize for best amateur video etc but to humour him I am putting up this clip from yesterday.  Signing off now. N&W.

Some of the sights from today's adventure


  1. Robyn Felman Said:

    Hi Wendy,
    Sounds like you will be incredibly fit with all the walking you’ve done… which is great.

    My sister lived in NY for many years on the Upper West side 72 street around the corner from the Dakota building ( this is where John Lennon lived and was sadly shot outside it!!). Central Park on this side of town is truly beautiful..

    Also there are some amazing galleries in NY- MOMA, Guggenheim to name a few…well worth visiting if you have the time.

    Tribecca has some great places to eat too…. And a ride on the ferry around the Statue of Liberty is a must. The Manhattan skyline is truly amazing… quite different I am sure without the twin towers….

    NY is a truly energetic and vibrant city……


    • walewis Said:

      Dear Robyn
      Thank you for all of the comments – we are seeing lots and getting arounf the town. Walking enables us to see what is happening on the ground (rather than being a bit removed in a bus). Off to see the Statute and then taking the subway to Brooklyn and checking out some sights there too. Hope you are OK – see you in a few weeks. Wendy

  2. Anna Said:

    Hi Wendy
    First day back today – ask me how I am at 4pm!!! (so far so good)

    My brother in law and his wife spent 2 weeks in NY and did almost exactly what you did on day 12 – they loved SOHO and said they could move there tomorrow!!

    Hope you are well

    • walewis Said:

      Dear Anna
      It should be about lunchtime and I hope you are still coping. I do hope you are feeling better now. We are having a great time and seeing lots. Take care and don’t over do it – I will see you in a few weeks. Wendy

  3. Alecia Said:

    Hi Wendy

    Glad to hear you are having such a good time.

    Happy Birthday for today here and tomorrow there!!

    100 Downunder was fantastic and things have become less crazy here today.


    • walewis Said:

      Dear Alecia

      Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Early start today we are off to see the Statue and then to check out Brooklyn. Have had good reports on 100 Downunder which shows that the girls can have fun with anything that is arranged – which also means we really need to look at running low cost events more often – the sleepout will be the next test.

      Seeing and doing lots (some work stuff tossed in there too – but all good). Love to Roger. Wendy.

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